My Myth: Why There Are Clouds

Once upon a time…wait this isn’t a fairy tale.


Long ago, in the land of the gods, a battle began. Zeus and Hades fought over EVERYTHING. After both were wed, the goddesses became involved. Hades’s wife, Haley, loved stirring up trouble. She was like Aphrodite, and was very easy-going with all the gods, but not in the same way. She was a heavy smoker, and from her throne in the underworld she would send secret messages from goddesses to all the gods, lying to them and creating problems. One day, she foolishly sent one to Zeus from his “wife”, saying she no longer wanted to see him. Haley enjoyed watching him squirm, and continued to do this. One day, Zeus decided to throw every message back down on Earth, for he never wanted to see them again. Even to this day, whenever Haley sends a “special” message, it is thrown down to Earth. Therefore, if you see rainclouds approaching, know that Zeus’ relationship is not going very well.

My Hebrew Post

היי לכולכם,

   סליחה שאני לא פרסמת זמן. בכל מקרה, ההודעה שלי בשפה זרה היא עברית. אז במקרה הזה, Ms.Seeley ונתן כנראה יודע מה שאני אומר עכשיו. כרגע זה בסערה בחוץ, הברד באה. עם הבית שלי החלון שלנו יהיה כנראה מאבד הכרה, דן שלנו יהיה שיטפון, (שוב!) עץ תיפול, (שוב!) ואנו בסופו של דבר בבית מלון ללילה (שוב!) אז ככה זה עכשיו!

שלום, אנשים שאין להם מושג על מה אני מדבר!

תוספת אשראי: כנראה רק נתן (או גב בסילי) יקבל את זה, אבל
מי אמר את זה?
אהבה היא לא למצוא אדם מושלם. זה לראות אדם לא מושלמים לגמרי.

King Arthur: Heroism

  In King Arthur, many acts of heroism and loyalty are shown. In the tale, the characters are all brave, loyal, heroic, chivalrous, and sacrificial. Even though that tale is fake, there arestill people that have these characteristics today. For instance, soldiers. Every day, they risk their lives just to save ours. Here are some heroic qualities:






  Even tough a hero’s situations might be different in our world today, the heroism is still the same. Soldiers have all the qualities listed above, and more. Soldiers make an impact that cannot be described, and they do it all for us.


Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.

Well, it’s time for another post:

Mandela and MJK were both men fighting for African-American rights. Also, they both took extreme actions toward getting tohse rights.


~They were both men fighting for freedom.

~They were both political figures

~They both took extreme risks that made huge impacts.


~Mandela was a well-liked president (by EVERYONE). MJK was only liked by the African-Americans.

~Mandela lived the comfortable life. MJK was hated by some, and was assasinated.

Ok, well, I think that’s it for now!

Red Bull

Hey, everyone!

 I was just wondering do any of y’all like Red Bull? I definitely do! I used to think it was an alchoholic drink, and that as why I wasn’t allowed to drink it. Now I can see why!!! It tastes like they just crushed a bunch of Sweet Tarts and put them in a drink! Anyways, I looove it. I’m sure Ms. Seeley wouldn’t let me bring it to lunch, though. After I started drinking it, my dad looked at me and asked, “You’re not gonna want that all the time, are ya?”…I couldn’t answer him.Wow, my heart’s beating a little fast now. I wonder if I should stop. Oh well, you know what’ll be in my thermos at lunchtime!!!



Merry Christmas!

Hey guys,

Well, as you know, (I’d be scared if you didn’t) Christmas is in 2 days! Yay! Are you ready for stockings, presents, and family?! I bet! Anyways, we had school today, even if tomorrow is the day before Christmas Eve. Darned these school board meetings! But we shall overcome! 😀 Besides that, I wish to everyone a blessed, merry Christmas. (and a happy new year! :)) Have safe travel and  a wonderful time!

P.S. Keep the CHRIST in CHRISTmas!

Even Snoopy's Having a Good Time!

Even Snoopy's Having a Good Time!

Mystery Book:Part 4

OK, so here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: Mystery Book Part 4. Where do I start?

So here it is. Gildaand Juliet are done trying to “communicate with the dead” and go to sleep. When Gilda wakes up in the middle of the night, Juliet is sitting up, talking, and giving clues. The thing is, she doesn’t remember a  thing. While they are contemplating this, Gilda deciphers some of the clues and finds a secret hiding place for, you guessed it, the key to the locked tower. Immediately, they plan for a long night. When they are definite that Mr. Spindler is sound asleep, they make their move. Walking inside for the first time, they shriek with pure terror. Pairs of eyes stare at them from all around the room. Afraid, they freeze, but then realize that they are mere paintings, all created by Juliet’s aunt. Hurriedly, they run to the staircase, then to the second floor. There, ink drawings are displayed, followed by another floor with a unanimous collection of eyes, along with “the window”. Now rushing back down, they find that they are locked in the tower. Maybe forever. But soon after they wait upstairs, they hear footsteps. Is it a ghost? Or her dad? Well, I guess I’ll just tell you. Turns out Mr. Spindler had some sleepwalking problems…

Mystery Book:Part 3

Hey y’all!

  So, I’ve now decided to write about my next reading session of my mystery book. Here goes:


  So, Gilda has just spent her first night in the Spindler mansion, which is supposedly haunted. Even the housekeeper, Rosa, says that she sees and hears the ghosts of little old ladies, who used to live there. Gilda finds Mr. Spindler’s daughter, Juliet, in her room, living grungy and alone. Soon, at night, Gilda is positive she hears footsteps and thumps coming from the tower in which Juliet’s aunt commited suicide. Is it a ghost? Or perhaps the aunt, still alive, being held there against her will by Juliet’s father? After a while, the next day, Gilda and Juliet warm up to each other by sharing their questions about the noises bumping into the night. After trying many methods in her psychic handbook to communicate with the dead, Gilda comes up with a theory…that Mr. Spindler pushed his sister out of the window! She then travels to his office, in disguise, to investigate. After he catches her, she then goes home to the spooky mansion. Will she finally see a ghost? Or will she perhaps too, be forced against her will to survive in the tower?


Hang around to see Mystery Book:Part 3…

Mystery Book:Part 2

 Hey people! So, I’m going to tell you about what’s happening in the beginning of the book, Gilda Joyce: Psychic Investigator. Gilda Joyce is an 8th grader that loves all tings supernatural. When in class, she blurts out that she’s traveling to San Francisco. Desperately, she writes a letter to her relative, Mr. Spindler. The thing is, he has a daughter Gilda’s age. When she sees her dead aunt’s ghost (she jumped off the roof), she faints. Then, when there is miscommunication between Mr. Spindler and his assistant, he accidentally invites Gilda to stay with him. Will she stay in contact with “the other side’? Or will she too become deranged and frustrated and jump to her death?


To find out more, wait til’ my next post comes out. Mystery Book:Part 3…