What Makes Me…ME!

Hey y’all,

  Back again with another post. This one’s about what the essence of me is. So, I’m going to write about Me as a Middle’Schooler. Here it goes:

  School, homework, projects, friends, lockers, break-ups, make-ups, passes, classes, spirit, assemblies, notes, football, detention, what ELSE is there!?!? As a middle-schooler, it has it’s ups and downs. With all Honors, what are you going to do? Stress, that’s what! With my life, it’s hard not to!

  So, when I wake up on Monday, it’s that gut-wrenching feeling. “Oh yeah, school.”  When I get there it’s off to classes. When I get home, homework. Do the teacher even realize that if we have 5 days a week at school-7 hours a day, and 1 1/2 hours of homework, it’s like a whole other day? Seriously! Last time I checked, child labor was illegal! 🙂

  Even so, there are some pros for my middle-school life. When you’re gifted, you get some extra-curricular classes. I get taken out of class one period one day a week to go to a technology club. Cool, right? Also, with everything going on, at least my friends are there. By the way, my locker is in an awesome spot. I mean, with everything that goes on, there are some ups and down. But I guess you have to pay the price when you’re…ME!

20 thoughts on “What Makes Me…ME!

  1. You’ve had detention before??? Wow, your life must be stressful.


    I’m glad someone else agrees with the homework issue.


    What else there is in middle school is teachers who give you migranes every time you see them. ( If you are reading this Ms. Seeley, I don’t mean you.)

    Overall, the post is good.

  2. Thanks! No misspelled words, right? 🙂 By the way, NO! Never had detention. Guess I’ll replace it with “migraines”. Hmm…never had one of those either…

  3. Hey! How are you? my name is Brenna. I am 12 years old. Almost 13. How old are you? Whats your name? Thanks for commenting on mine. (And to comment back Click my picture!) Comment soon! 🙂 8) 😀 😛

  4. HaHa, Brenna. How do you do the guy with the sunglasses? That looks cool. are you from Australia?

  5. Hello again! Right when you thought I had stopped commenting on your blog, here is another pointless comment.

    If you have not had a migrane, you are lucky.(this is from your previous comment)They are like heart beats in your brain that cause pain every time they contract. Basicly, they are very bad headaches.

    It might of been ramdom, but I like leaving comments.

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  7. Wow, Coleman! That sounds really cool! Do you have a special program at your school for gifted children? We do.

    Miller…uh…”ramdom”. HaHa… 🙂

  8. Wow, that was a really good post. I can relate to you because even though I’m in the sixth grade (which is still in elementary school), I can’t wait to get to middle school. I’m also a gifted student, so it’s nice to know it’s not just my school district that has gifted programs. Visit me at:


  9. Hey Katherine-

    We do have a gifted program in my school. That’s how I got my blog. In fact, as I write this, I’m in my gifted class.

    What do you do there?


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  11. Well, we switch classes. We call those “periods”. Every week, we get pulled out of one of our classes to go to an extracurricular choice. I’m in a technology class, and my friends and I are making a self-help website to go to competition. Yes, we do build it from scratch. Actually, you can be in more than one cluster if you’d like.
    So enough about my school…what do you do at yours?

    by the way, I’m writing this at what is supposed to be 9:42PM
    your time, so hopefully you’ll get this soon.

    See ya,
    Me! 😀

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